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Enjoy Badri 2015 Movie in HD on Zee5: A Guide for Telugu Movie Lovers

Badri 2015 Full Movie Download in HD: A Guide for Movie Lovers

If you are a fan of Telugu movies, you might have heard of Badri 2015, a romantic action comedy film starring Pawan Kalyan, Amisha Patel, and Renu Desai. This movie is a remake of the Tamil film Thamizh, and it was directed by Puri Jagannadh, who also wrote the screenplay and dialogues. Badri 2015 was a commercial success at the box office, and it received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Badri 2015 movie, and how you can download it in HD quality for your enjoyment.

Badri 2015 full movie download in hd


What is Badri 2015 Movie About?

Badri 2015 movie is a story of love, friendship, and rivalry. It revolves around the life of Badrinath "Badri" Bansal (Pawan Kalyan), a young man who is trained by his martial arts and spiritual guru Bhishma (Prakash Raj) to become a warrior and protect his family's honor. Badri is loyal to his guru, but he also has a soft spot for women. He falls in love with Alakananda (Amisha Patel), a rich girl who comes from a different caste and background. However, his love is challenged by Nanda (Renu Desai), his childhood friend who secretly loves him and wants to marry him. Nanda's father is also Bhishma's rival, and he plots to kill Badri and his guru. How will Badri overcome these obstacles and win his true love? You will have to watch the movie to find out.

The Plot of Badri 2015 Movie

The movie begins with a flashback, where we see that Bhishma was once a great warrior who fought against injustice and oppression. He was betrayed by his friend Saravana (Mukesh Rishi), who joined hands with a corrupt politician named Veerendra (Ashish Vidyarthi). Bhishma was wounded and left for dead, but he was saved by a priest who took him to his ashram. There, he met a young boy named Badri, who was orphaned by Veerendra's men. Bhishma decided to adopt Badri and train him as his disciple.

In the present day, Badri is grown up and he works as a bodyguard for Bhishma, who runs a martial arts school in Jhansi. He is also a ladies' man, who flirts with every girl he meets. One day, he sees Alakananda at a temple, and he is instantly smitten by her beauty. He follows her to her home in Hyderabad, where he learns that she is the daughter of a wealthy businessman named Mayank Trivedi (Atul Kulkarni). He also learns that she is engaged to marry Saravana's son Siva (Siva Balaji), who is a spoiled brat and a womanizer b70169992d


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