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Buy Professional Hair Straightener

The straightener is forgiving on the wrist and is more lightweight compared to most of the other models I tested. It has a well-functioning swivel cord, and it comes with a nice silicone sleeve to keep the iron closed before use, for easy transport and to protect fingers during cool down. Plus, the 30-minute automatic shut-off gives peace of mind.

buy professional hair straightener


When I put this straightener to work, it heated up in just 20 seconds. I sectioned my hair into one-inch pieces, glided the iron through my hair from root to tip, and it went from frizzy to smooth and polished. Despite having just one heat setting of 392 degrees, the temperature was enough to reshape my hair in just one pass, although I did have to do two passes on the layers around my face. This was refreshing because I get a little anxious about heat damage when I have to go over the same section several times.

One small downside to this iron is that due to its slightly wider plates I had to carefully maneuver my fingers out of the way so as not to burn them when straightening the baby hairs near my temple. I also had to do a couple of extra passes on the framing layers around my face.

Some straighteners come with heat-resistant mats or gloves, which are helpful for keeping countertops or fingers from getting singed. A storage pouch is another plus. If you travel a lot, look for an iron with universal voltage to allow you to use it abroad.

With its mammoth 16 heat settings, ranging from 80ºC to 235ºC, this great value styling tool offers the ultimate customisable straightening experience for all hair types, including fine.

Another entry from ghd, it's easy to see why it's a go-to brand for many. It lived up to its reputation in our blind tests and these lightweight straighteners were a top pick for creating poker-straight strands.

Our testers liked how easily it glided through their hair, with 92% impressed by how quickly they achieved their desired style. Many thought their hair looked healthier, shinier and smoother after use, making it perfect for anyone in need of speedy, salon-worthy results.

Our testers loved it, with nearly all saying how pleased they were with their newly silky and soft hair. It was quick to heat up and the large plates styled and gripped hair well. The indicator sound when it turns on and off gives peace of mind, too.

These high-end hair straighteners have unique flexing plates, which help gently gather the hair for styling. Our testers agreed that they gripped hair easily, straightening it quickly with a single stroke.

Infrared tech isn't the first thing that comes to mind when looking for a great pair of hair straighteners, but this titanium Nicky Clarke tool certainly makes a case for it. Infrared light is supposed to help balance moisture and seal hair cuticles, but did it work?

Nearly everyone enjoyed a shinier, frizz-free finish, but our lab test found it only moderate at retaining style in humid conditions. Overall, most testers were left with healthier-looking hair, with everybody agreeing that they'd keep this in their handbags.

Still, our testers appreciated how simple it was to use and were impressed by how lightweight it was to hold and manoeuvre. Overall, 89% agreed that it styled their hair as they wanted, with 78% left praising the mirror-shine it left on their strands.

These luxe straighteners may come with a celebrity price tag but its accompanying array of accessories, including a heat-resistant guard, makes it a strong choice for beginners with cash to splash.

Whether you're a fan of Love Island or not, there's no denying that those women know how to use hair tools. So, the GHI was intrigued to see whether former contestant, Molly-Mae Hague, had nailed it with this pair of straighteners.

Using innovative heat control and steam tech to straighten hair faster with less damage, this steampod was unique among those on test. It comes with a built-in brush and our testers found that their silky style lasted throughout the day.

The majority agreed that it straightened hair instantly and most thought their hair appeared healthier and shinier after use. Not much water is needed per use and the panel appreciated the sturdy design and innovative steam iron technology. Some even found the steam made their hair feel more hydrated.

This reasonably priced tool offers a mammoth 30 heat settings, giving those with more fragile hair the option to style gently. It heated up rapidly and our lab test found it accurate at hitting its promised temperatures.

Designed to provide you with faster, healthier styling, the Karmin Salon Series Hair Straightener brings hair straightening to a whole new level. Featuring 100% pure ceramic plates and ionic technology, results are smooth, glossy strands which are certain to turn heads!

In just one pass, the floating ceramic plates gently glide over the hair while the far infrared ceramic heater safely and effectively styles hair for long lasting results. With adjustable heat settings, even the most stubborn of hair types are no match for this iron. Straight, wavy or curly styles are full of shine and frizz and flyaways are a thing of the past.

Our collection of professional flat irons are used in salons worldwide because they have HeatBalance technology (with 8 microsensors to regulate, and evenly distribute, heat), ceramic tourmaline-infused plates for anti-frizz control, and temperature control to prevent hair damage.

Quick to heat up, it left unruly strands poker-straight in only a few glides and kept hair frizz-free in humid weather. Oh and it shuts off automatically if left untouched for 30 mins, making it pretty hard for you to burn the house down, which is always a good thing.

Yet another entry from ghd, this clever tool automatically detects not only the thickness of your hair, but also the speed at which you're gliding through strands, before adjusting the power accordingly.

The three-step process of washing, then drying, then straightening hair can be a time-consuming bore, but this clever tool takes you from damp to styled strands in just a few mins, without frazzling your mane.

Does straightening your hair take ages, because of how long or thick it is? The ghd Max will basically cut your styling time in half thanks to their wider plates. Natch, like all ghd straighteners they heat up to 185 degrees and take just 30 seconds to do so.

These have a setting called Revive mode which vibrate 8,000 times minute to reduce the friction as you pass the plates over your hair. This, alongside the controlled setting of 150 degrees, help to keep your hair healthy.

The unique 3D floating plate moves left, right, up and down to straighten strands evenly, while air holes on the sides of the plates generate nanoe atomised water particles (containing about 1,000 times more water than regular ions) to hydrate your hair.

Keeks Reid is the Contributing Beauty Editor at Cosmopolitan UK. While she loves all things beauty, Keeks is a hair fanatic through and through. She started her career in beauty journalism in 2013 as editorial assistant at Blackhair and Hair magazines working her way to Acting Editor of Blackhair magazine at 23 years old. Now, alongside her Cosmo work, she presents, creates content on social media and works with a range of beauty companies; from consumer and trade magazines and websites to beauty brands and salons. Follow Keeks on Instagram here.

The shipping cost of machines (vacuum cleaners, fans, heaters, humidifiers, purifiers, hair dryers, and lighting) is free of charge when ordering on for select zip codes. Eligibility varies by location of item, availability, and the shipping address zip code. In-stock orders received by 12:00 PM Eastern Time Monday-Friday will usually ship same day. Orders will usually ship the next business day if received after 1:00 PM Eastern Time, on Saturday-Sunday, or on public holidays. All spares and accessories will ship separately, and be delivered between 5-7 business days. Any items not part of an order containing a machine will incur a $8.95 shipping and handling charge.On acceptance of orders, Dyson will make every effort to process them within the stated time frame. Dyson will not be held liable for shipping delays caused by severe weather or unforeseen events. To ensure the security of purchases, Dyson may need to contact customers to validate orders, which may cause delays. Transit time may vary depending on proximity to distribution center and inventory availability. Dyson only ships to US delivery addresses in the 50 states, cannot deliver to PO boxes or APO/FPO addresses, and cannot guarantee scheduled delivery to Hawaii and Alaska.

Even more, Los Angeles-based makeup artist and hairstylist known as Jay Artistry looks at this flat iron as a multifunctional tool because of its curved edges, a factor that allows him to create waves or curls too.

Want to learn how to get glass hair that silky and full of shine? Check out our Glass Hair Guide for a step-by-step guide on how to get hair shiny like glass and the best products to achieve the coveted look.

There are simple as well as steam straighteners. The steam variant generates steam to iron your hair to achieve the perfect pressed look. Good quality steam straighteners come with options to turn the steam on or off.

"It's so good! My ends haven't touched the straightener since I got my hair done. When my hair dries, it dries with just a slight wave - which is so different to how it used to be. I can virtually leave it as it is and go out. So very low maintenance hair now!"

Maybe you're a straight-hair-every-day kinda person, or maybe you're more of a special-occasion-straightness mindset. But whether you want smooth, straight styles all the time or just once in a while, you're in luck. We've taken the liberty of compiling a list of the best hair straighteners on the market to put your styling dreams within reach.

We've scoured the world of straightening irons to bring you the cream of the crop at a range of price points and retailers. So whether you've got the coins for an affordable straightener or can shell out the big bucks for a high-end hot tool, there's a pick among these 22 flatirons from stores like Sephora, Ulta Beauty, and Amazon that will give you that scorch-free, straight look you long for. 041b061a72


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