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[I-SERVE] The Great Escape (1963)

The film omits any mention that many Germans willingly helped in the escape itself. The film suggests that the forgers were able to make near-exact replicas of just about any pass that was used in Nazi Germany. In reality, the forgers received a great deal of assistance from Germans who lived many hundreds of miles away on the other side of the country. Several German guards, who were openly anti-Nazi, also willingly gave the prisoners items and assistance of any kind to aid their escape.[39]

[I-SERVE] The Great Escape (1963)


In a 2006 poll in the United Kingdom, regarding the family film that television viewers would most want to see on Christmas Day, The Great Escape came in third, and was first among the choices of male viewers.[64] In an article for the British Film Institute, "10 great prisoner of war films", updated in August 2018, Samuel Wigley wrote that watching films like The Great Escape and the 1955 British film The Colditz Story, "for all their moments of terror and tragedy, is to delight in captivity in times of war as a wonderful game for boys, an endless Houdini challenge to slip through the enemy's fingers. Often based on true stories of escape, they have the viewer marvelling at the ingenuity and seemingly unbreakable spirit of imprisoned soldiers." He described The Great Escape as "the epitome of the war-is-fun action film", which became "a fixture of family TV viewing".[65]

The movie: During World War II, dozens of airmen at a POW camp for officers scheme to perpetrate an escape that can only be called great: they will dig a tunnel under the camp and allow not one or two or a few but 250 men to flee the Germans.

The Great Escape (1963) and its cast list inevitably come up when discussing the best war movies and iconic '60s films. Its star was Steve McQueen, though the big names surrounding him -- James Garner, Donald Pleasence, Richard Attenborough, Charles Bronson and others -- really make it an ensemble cast. It was one of those perfect set-ups: a group of wily Allied POWs are confined to a camp considered "escape-proof" -- and then over the course of nearly three hours we get to watch these resourceful characters plan and execute the, well, great escape. 041b061a72


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