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Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn Book Read Aloud | F...

This resource is all you will need when it comes to planning your read aloud for the book Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn. Gone are the days when you have to brainstorm discussion questions, look online for student activities, and spend hours gathering resources. Now everything you need is included in this book companion allowing you to make choices on what you want to use with your students.

Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn Book Read Aloud | F...

A young girl is going on a walk through her community. She notices the new winds that are cool, making the trees move in the wind. Animals are preparing for the colder weather as they search for food and make homes. The girl notices the changes in plants, some of them are blooming for the first time, changing color, or reaching for the last bit of sunlight. The wind has started to blow the leaves off of the trees. These leaves have changed color too: Red, brown, gold and yellow. As the season changes, there is less daylight. The sun sets earlier and summer is coming to an end. This is a great read aloud to start a conversation with students about the changing seasons.

When the temperatures start to drop, the leaves change color, and it is time to start a new school year, you know fall has arrived. Here are 30 fun autumn books you can read with your kids to discover all the wonders that this magical season has to offer.

The magical colors of fall leaves are why Mouse and Minka love fall the most. This classic autumn picture book is perfect for young readers who want to build vocabulary around the season and there is a lot of emphasis on numbers, colors, and adjectives.

Summary: Simple text follows a young girl walking home from school who says hello to the nature she sees as she walks through the country, the woods, and through town. The natural elements respond with ways they change as the seasons turn from summer to autumn.

You don't necessarily need 50 books about Fall in your home, but you can explore these titles by watching them read aloud on YouTube, swapping books with friends, and checking them out from your local library. There are a dozen other books I could add, but I kept this list simple and only added my favorites.

The Autumn Visitors, by Karel HayesFollow along with this family of bears as they embark on adventures throughout autumn in New England. As a preschool teacher, this is one of my favorite books to read aloud to my class. With very few words, and stellar illustrations, this book really captures the imagination of young children.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, by Kenard PakChildren will join a brother and sister as they go on a nature walk exploring the changing season. The young girl in this story says goodbye to all the signs of summer as she welcomes autumn on her walk. You can read this book before taking your class on a nature walk to say goodbye to the signs of summer and welcome the signs of fall.

As trees sway in the cool breeze, blue jays head south, and leaves change their colors, everyone knows - autumn is on its way! Join a young girl as she takes a walk through forest and town, greeting all the signs of the coming season. Glorious, evocative illustrations portray this childlike conversation, saying goodbye to summer and welcoming autumn.

Welcome to the first month in a year-long monthly read aloud series! These September read alouds aim to get you through a month of reading aloud with your children. Each of these new monthly book lists will consist of a mix of picture books, nonfiction, poetry and chapter book read alouds.

Goodbye Summer Hello Autumn by Kenard Park. The illustrations in this book will get you in the mood for the coming autumnal months! A child walks through the natural environment, greeting all the creatures and objects on the way. They, in turn, say hello, offering up bits of information as to how they are getting ready for the approaching chilly weather.

Book Joy Word Joy by Pat Mora. National Hispanic Heritage Month begins in September but that is not the only reason to read aloud this poetry book to your children right now. This is a cheerful collection of poems about adventures with language, whether it be reading, singing, writing secrets or going to the library. Many of the short, dynamic poems incorporate Spanish words or phrases and Colón's illustrations bring a sense of movement to the printed words.

The Sequoia Lives On by Joanna Cooke is a gorgeous book about the magnificent sequoia from seed to decomposition. I don't always like to read aloud nonfiction books, but this was definitely an exception. Somehow the text's rhythm seems to carry you up to the sky as you gaze at the height of the tree, or create a sense of urgency as the flames of the wildfire come near. I may be biased because redwoods are my favorite trees, but this book captures their sublime spirit.

Please note that in each description, I have suggested recommended ages for read alouds. It is only a suggestion, not a requirement! You can find more books appropriate for the whole family here --> Autumn family read aloud chapter books.

The Purloining of Prince Oleomargarine by Mark Twain and Phillip Stead. In 1879, Twain began telling his daughters a tale about a boy, some seeds and a prince. Twain wrote the outline of the story but never finished it, and Stead has filled in the gaps. The result is marvelous. Johnny, an African-American boy, lives with his unpleasant grandfather. He sells his chicken for some seeds. Amazingly, the flowers from the seeds give him the ability to talk with animals. When Prince Oleomargarine is kidnapped, Johnny and his new animal friends set out to rescue him. Marvelous. A September read aloud book for ages 5 and up.

Even before children learn to read they can discover the wonderment of books, especially books illustrated about the autumn season. All the colors and shapes of the season illustrated in picture books are sure to spark interest from the very start!

In this story, a bear is experiencing its first autumn and exploring the falling leaves. This book is light on text, making it a quick and easy read. Still, take a moment to appreciate the illustrations. The color palette and swishing bold strokes perfectly capture the energy of fall.

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn, and the next book on our list, Goodbye Autumn, Hello Winter, are the perfect bookends to the fall season. This book shares with readers about the changing seasons and how nature shifts from summer to fall.

I categorize this lovely picture book about the changing seasons from summer to autumn as a STEM picture book because it shows the power of careful observation. As a little girl set forth from her house on a walk outside, she greets the animals and plants. Each replies back with what they are doing to prepare for autumn. Some are even surprised that she noticed them. Her walk completed, the little girl returns to her house. When she comes out the next day, summer is gone and autumn is here! [picture book, ages 4 and up]

Pete is not so sure how he feels about the changing season and saying goodbye to summer. He soon finds out that autumn is full of amazing things like pumpkin and apple picking, corn mazes, football, and of course, the changing leaves. Your preschoolers will be falling for autumn with this fun book for preschoolers about fall!

A fun hello, goodbye from one season to another! With a glimpse into what fall brings, this book spotlights animals heading south for the winter, collecting food to prepare for hibernation and making cozy nests and dens.

This dazzling book is the perfect read aloud to inspire children to create their own stories starring leaf creations. It is a must-read for fans of the classic Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert.

Celebrate autumn by pulling out cozy blankets, stacking up piles of books and brewing some sweet tea, then settle in with your child for some much needed read-aloud time. Check out my Best List of Fall Picture Books for Children. (New 2022!)

Get your students excited about fall by reading some books. I love to introduce lessons with books. (At the end of this post, I list a few of my favorite fall read aloud so make sure you check it out!) First, we read a few of my favorite fall read aloud. Then, we discuss fall and what happens outside during this time. After this, we brain storm some items that we may see outside during fall (leaves, acorns, pine cones, etc).

This is such a great book to read at the beginning of the fall season. The character walks around and notices all the changes at the end of the summer season and how everything from animals to leaves are preparing or changing for fall. It is a beautifully illustrated book with simple text, so it is a great read for introducing a lesson.

As the 20th anniversary of September 11th approaches, it is important to share this impactful day with students. It can be hard to talk about or explain, but picture books help. I have a full list of September 11th read alouds here.

A More Perfect Union is the best book to read aloud to help teach students about the U.S. Constitution. This book, full of accurate information, breaks it down in a way that is easy for students to understand. It explains how and why the Constitution was created. To take it a step further, grab this FREE interactive read aloud lesson plan.

September 18th is a great day to have a dance party in your classroom! And to read aloud the picture book, Boys Dance! This story was created in partnership with the American Ballet Company. And it subtly address the prejudice towards boys and ballet. It illustrates the skill, hard work, strength and smarts that it takes to be a dancer. Truly inspirational for all students!

There Might Be Lobsters is a great read aloud for National Lobster Day! In this story, a young girl brings her dog to the beach. The dog, however, is very nervous about this. Find out how he does in this wonderful book. 041b061a72


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