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Buy A Footlong Get One Free

All of these savings can be found through the Subway website or app, so make sure to check either one before you decide to pick up your next 6-inch or footlong sub. You might just score a free sandwich!

buy a footlong get one free

All you have to do to get one of your footlong sandwiches for free is go to the Subway website or app, choose which store you want to pick up your subs, and then enter the promo code FREEFOOTLONG on the checkout screen.

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Subway refocuses on value with the return of their popular BOGO Footlong deal, where anyone can score a free Footlong sandwich when they buy another one of equal or lesser value in the app or online at

Hand the card to your server during the payment process, and they'll apply it to your order. If you want to receive more discounts, sign up for a free Subway account and register your gift cards. Click the Sign Up button in the header of the website and complete your account information. Register gift cards by clicking on My Account and then Payment Methods.

In other exciting news, the fast food chain will also be offering Super Bowl game day catering through the app as well, so you can tune in to the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Philadelphia Eagles match-up (and Rihanna's long-awaited Halftime Show performance) with a timeless footlong and your best pals.

The free Subway Series footlongs promotion goes live on November 3, 2022 at 12:00 a.m. ET. By uploading a photo of themselves traveling in the middle seat to will enter them for a chance to win 10,000 electronic gift cards. The giveaway ends on November 4, 2022 at 11:59 p.m. ET.

How to get the deal: Order an original-sized sandwich using the promo code BOGO online at or through the Potbelly app on Nov. 3 will receive a free original sized sandwich. You can join Potbelly Perks to earn even more free sandwiches, cookies and other special offers throughout the year.

When I was in college I once ate TWO footlongs in one sitting. No joke. Once in college, I also clogged the dorm toilet. I was able to score two footlongs because our campus newspaper had coupons for buy one footlong, get one FREE. Best coupon ever and the main reason I made it through my early twenties fully nourished.

You may not be able to get a different kind of meat on each half, but you can definitely ask for different cheeses, produce, and condiments. This will easily save you a few bucks as ordering two separate 6 inch sandwiches costs 20% more than ordering a single footlong.

Just by signing up, you get 50 free points and earn 1 point for every dollar spent. 75 points gets you a free footlong, 50 points for a free 6 inch, 10 points nabs you a free cookie, and 20 points get you a free drink.

There are 2 Subways on the Main St in my neighborhood, and they are as different as night and day. The older, shop is in a strip mall. The employees on duty May 9, 2015 approx. 700pm,-800pm were rude, incompetent and were quite disturbed I did not inform them I was using a coupon. The young man had to be told 3 times my sandwich order, 4 times reminded I requested a bowl of soup. Finally upon trying to pay my bill, I questioned the total bill.I was not given the free 6 inch sub, they could not understand what I was explaining. I finally left, but determined to find out the owner, manager, someone responsible. I was charged for a sandwich, value meal, the drink did have an measurement, but i did add soup, and 3 cookies,( 1.50) there is no possible way my bill should have been 11.20, with a coupon. The reason I did not inform them of the coupon first,I had done that before. The sub was 1 slice of the meat, 1 slice of cheese, and the most ridiculous serving of vegetables per request, that is the Coupon Subway! A giant rip off and incorrect charging! Not nice using a coupon marketing inticement, and managing to make money so under-handed. These employees are very poor representatives of this company. I will find out whom is responsible for this store!Nancy P Leggitt ( [email protected])

Want something to go with your subs? Try out the promo code FREEDRINK for a small fountain drink, BAGOFCHIPS for a free bag of chips, and COOKIE for a free cookie. While free drinks and bag of chips codes are only claimable with the orders of any Footlong or Footlong melt sandwiches, the Cookie code can be applied to all orders of values greater than $1.

Expanding the number of stores at all costs drove up overall gross sales in the short term, but it proved to be detrimental to independent operators. Coupled with the rising costs of rent, labor, and food, the increased local competition made the $5 footlong untenable for many franchisees.

Offer expires 19/09/21. Buy any Subway Footlong sub and receive a free second Subway Footlong sub of equal or lesser value. Additional costs for extras. Single use only. May not be combined with any other coupon offers, discounts or special deals. One offer per guest per transaction. Reward dollars not available for purchases made using third party delivery platforms

The Watt clan is on a road trip when a pit stop is made at Subway to get sandwiches for everyone. Being the oldest of the three brothers, J. J. receives his turkey sandwich first while mentioning that turkey is his favorite. T. J. chimes in to say that turkey is also his favorite, only to have Derek tell him that tuna is actually his favorite. The brothers squabble a bit longer before the matriarch of the Watt clan tells them to knock it off in true motherly fashion. For a limited time, customers who order online or through the Subway app can receive a free footlong sandwich with the purchase of a qualifying footlong sandwich.

Ez allHere's a free tune to say thank you (just click Buy) for everyone supporting Foot Long Records so far from the one like KETT., who makes his tunes out on the SE Coast of Australia. KETT. makes all sorts of tunes and is very creative in what he does with his profile being found here look forward to more tunes from KETT. in the future and hope you like the tune !

Bargain hunters will want to catch this deal at Smashburger. The chain is diving into new waters with its limited-time Beer Battered Pacific Cod Sandwich. Every Friday, from Feb. 19 to April 2, the chain makes waves by offering a free fish sandwich with the purchase of one at regular price ($8.29, but the price may vary by location). The discount is valid for dine-in and take-out, as well as online ordering through its site or app. No promo code or coupon necessary. The offer is not valid via a third-party delivery service.

Besides doling out some sweet deals on the reg, (like free milkshakes on your birthday) Del Taco will be providing the hungry people of the world three value tacos for only $1.29 from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Make sure you're hungry when you roll up to Margs, they will be selling their Taco Gigante,which is a whopping one foot long and two pounds, for only 12.99 throughout October. On National Taco Day they will be giving away a free taco with every purchase of the monster Gigante (because you might need anther taco, right?). Plus, two dollars from every purchase of the Gigante will benefit the Team IMPACT foundation. Good deals, good tacos, and a good cause, too! 041b061a72


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